Inverclyde Chamber, previously called Greenock Chamber, was originally incorporated in 1813 by Royal Charter on behalf of King George the Third, as The Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures of Greenock – to tend to the encouragement and promotion of trade and manufactures already extensively established and carried on there.

There have been 126 presidents since then including many prominent business people working in shipbuilding, engineering, sugar and other merchant activities, as well as council officials, legal officers and practitioners. These activities reflect the principal businesses of the Inverclyde region in the 19th and 20th centuries, predominantly sugar refining and shipbuilding. More recently, the presidency and board have been made up of a more diverse group of business people. The first Greenock Chamber Board of Directors was an all male affair, consisting of bankers, merchants, legal officers and council officials.

Inaugural President was Alexander Dunlop who worked as a merchant and a banker – he was founder and partner of William Napier & Co, known as the Renfrewshire Banking Company. He was also Justice of the Peace, Advocate and Magistrate of Greenock in 1805.

The first Board also included James Watt Jnr, son of the famous inventor and mechanical engineer whose improvements to the steam engine were fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution. James Jnr went on to serve as the 10th President of the Chamber’s Board. Our Board Directors and membership today reflect the many changes that we, as a business community, have undergone over the years – our members cover a diverse range of industries both large and small. Now, as we watch exciting new developments spring up along the riverside that are bringing transformational change for Inverclyde, its people and its businesses, Inverclyde Chamber works hard to ensure our collective business voice is heard loud and clear.


Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce
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5 East Blackhall Street,
PA15 1HD
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