Bees Knees Awards 2017 – Chamber President Award


Sponsored by Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber President Award will be one of our highest accolades, as Inverclyde Chamber selects the most admired businessman or businesswoman from within the Inverclyde business community. The recipient of our Award will have been running (or have run) a highly successful company or companies in this area for a considerable time, while contributing to the wider business community and third sector.

We will be looking for an individual who is respected for their vision and tenacity in their early business years, or for their ability to innovate with a clear focus to stay ahead of their competitors over a long period? They may have produced a groundbreaking product or service, or been admired for their leadership skills alone.


  • Aldo Spella

Aldo Spella, proud recipient of the Bee’s Knees Lifetime Achievement Award, is accompanied by sons Roland and Paolo, as he receives his trophy from Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce President Linda Scott.

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