Commenting on the UK Government’s post-Brexit immigration plans, Liz Cameron OBE, Director & Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Businesses have long-called for the UK Government to adopt an approach to immigration policy that meets the needs of business communities in Scotland and works to grow the economy. So today’s announcements by the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary will be met with some concerns from business people across the country.

“Fundamentally, it is right that businesses have access to great talent here in the UK and abroad. Many of Scotland’s key sectors rely on labour market supply from outside of the UK to sustain and staff their businesses. Ultimately, the key test for the Government’s future immigration policy will be measured on its ability to let businesses access talent and skills quickly and easily. If a future policy is too restrictive and inflexible, this will create additional unwanted pressure for businesses who are already managing a great deal of uncertainty.

“Scottish Chambers of Commerce Network has invested a lot of time to inform the UK Government of the skills shortages and recruitment challenges faced by businesses in every part of Scotland and we expect the Prime Minister & Home Secretary to work with business to design and devise a system that will work for Scotland’s economy.”

On the Home Secretary’s speech, Liz Cameron, added:

“We welcome Sajid Javid’s commitment to adopting a skills-based system, based on people’s skills rather than country location, opening up a wider supply of labour and talent. However, we would also stress the importance for the Home Secretary to drop the need for arbitrary migration caps and targets, which creates the perception that the UK is closed for business. The need for an open, outward-looking United Kingdom has never been greater and this is a perfect opportunity for the Home Secretary to demonstrate and achieve this.”

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