Bees Knees Awards 2018

Inverclyde Chamber’s Bees Knees Business Awards is a celebration of the fantastic businesses we have right here in Inverclyde. Year on year our businesses successfully demonstrate resilience, innovation and accomplishment. This is our 15th year of celebration. I expect this to be our best ever Bee’s Knees Business Awards and look forward to seeing all your entries and celebrating your successes.

On 25th January, in West Coast Cinemas at the waterfront in Greenock, we kicked off the 2018 event by introducing our Award Categories and Sponsors for this coming year. Details of all can be found in the sections in the sidebar and each provides details of what the Judging Panels will be looking for. This is your chance to tell your story; market your company; be proud of your achievements by entering the Business Awards. Make your contribution to show-casing Inverclyde businesses and enjoy the challenge and experience of the competition by entering as many categories as possible. If you’ve been impressed by another company and believe they deserve recognition, why not nominate them too.

It’s our time to be proud and our time to boast of our achievements in Inverclyde.

The glittering awards ceremony itself will take be taking place on the 8th June 2018 at the Marquee at the Chartroom, Kip Marina and this is opportunity to be part of a great Awards night. It won’t be long before the Awards event will be open for booking.

If you have any enquiries, please contact Margaret Moran, Senior Executive Officer, by email at or telephone 07534196253 or 01475 806824

Be bold, and enjoy the journey from entry to ceremony. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Linda Scott, President
Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce

Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce
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