Friday 20th September 2024

ICON Awards 2024

Entries are now open for the 2024 ICON Awards hosted by Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce. 

The ICON Awards are an annual celebration of the outstanding achievements and talent within Inverclyde's business community.

Known as "Inverclyde's premier business event," the awards spotlight exceptional local businesses.

Last year, 11 winners emerged from a field of 75 entrants. We are looking forward to honouring even more remarkable winners this year at Greenock Town Hall on Friday 20th September 2024. 

Diodes, the leading global manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor products returns as this year’s headline sponsor.

Diodes Incorporated

Headline Sponsor

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  • The option to select the specific ICON Award category you wish to sponsor. 
  • Opportunity to present the award for your chosen category. 
  • Involvement in the judging for your chosen category. 
  • Your company name engraved on the ICON award as the category sponsor. 
  • Your sponsorship details, including your name and logo included in the official ICON Awards programme. 
  • Your sponsorship information displayed on the ICON Awards section of the ICC website.
  • Minimum 1 post per month on social media platforms after category shortlist is announced. 
  • Your logo included in social media posts related to your category. 


Tickets for this year’s ICON Awards 2024 are now available!

Tickets cost £85 + VAT per person

Email to reserve!

Category Sponsors

Award Categories

Health and Wellbeing

This category recognises organisations who have shown a commitment to health and wellbeing of their employees or support to people within the Inverclyde area.

Who should enter?

Open to all Inverclyde based organisations who can demonstrate a commitment to improving their employees or the wider community’s health and wellbeing.

What are the judges looking for?

•Businesses that can demonstrate a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals within Inverclyde.

•Businesses who offer programs and initiatives that encourage exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and access to mental health resources.

•Innovative businesses using unique or creative approaches to promoting health and wellbeing within Inverclyde.

2023 Winner:

Safe Harbour

2022 Winner:

West College Scotland

Entrepreneurism - Sponsored by Tweetiepie Media

Sponsored by Tweetiepie Media

This category is aimed at individuals and businesses that have grown as a result of its entrepreneurial spirit.

Who should enter?

Open to all organisations less than 3 years old registered and operating in the Inverclyde area.

What are the judges looking for?

•An outstanding individual who demonstrates incomparable vision & leadership qualities within a pioneering business.

•Individuals with initiative & willingness to undertake new projects.

•Individuals with the ability to demonstrate innovation & creativity in business ventures.

2023 Winner:

The Porchlight

2022 Winner:

Clyde Eats


This award recognises organisations who have shown a commitment to the diversity within their organisation.

Who should enter?

Open to any business, regardless of size or industry, that can demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What are the judges looking for?

•Companies that employ people from varied backgrounds, including different genders, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, and cultural backgrounds.

•Businesses that have policies and practices promoting an inclusive work environment, where all employees feel valued, respected, and included.

•Companies that actively support or participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives within their industry or community.

•Businesses that have diverse representation in leadership roles or actively work toward greater leadership diversity.

2023 Winner:

Diodes Incorporated

2022 Winner:

Ocean Youth Trust

Tourism - Sponsored by Toninos Pizzeria & Delicatessen

Sponsored by Tonino's Pizzeria & Delicatessen

This award celebrates the positive contribution of local tourism or hospitality related businesses in encouraging local spend, attracting visitors to the area and enhancing the profile of the Inverclyde area through what they can offer.

Who should enter?

Open to any business registered and operating in Inverclyde that welcomes visitors. E.g. you may be operating in the hospitality & catering, visitor attraction, leisure, retail or transport sector.

What are the judges looking for?

•Businesses that can demonstrate why their business, product, service contribute to Inverclyde’s visitor experience.

•Evidence of how the business contributes to increasing local tourism and attracting visitors to the Inverclyde area.

•Businesses that enhance the profile of Inverclyde through their offerings, events, or promotions.

•Businesses that can demonstrate an impact on the local economy through tourism.

•Collaboration with other local businesses to promote the area.

2023 Winner:

Beacon Arts Centre

2022 Winner:

Firth of Clyde Boat Tours


This category shines a light on those that are trading internationally across the globe and continues to grow in light of successes and the strong business plans actioned by the company.

Who should enter?

Open to all organisations registered in the Inverclyde area.

What are the judges looking for?

•Businesses who have demonstrated success in entering and growing in international markets.

•Businesses that apply unique strategies or methods to break into new international markets.

•Organisations that have a clear and effective business strategy for international expansion.

•Businesses who show resilience in overcoming common challenges faced in international business, like navigating regulations, handling logistics, or addressing cultural barriers.

•Organisations that serve as role models for other businesses in the Inverclyde area interested in international trade.

2023 Winner:

Deborah Murdoch

2022 Winner:

Summerhouse Media

Business Growth

This category highlights the success of Inverclyde Businesses who can demonstrate year on year growth and how they intend to continue to grow and further establish themselves.

Who should enter?

Open to all organisations over 3 years old registered and operating in the Inverclyde area.

What are the Judges looking for?

Judges are looking for applicants to demonstrate:

•A consistent growth in turnover/sales/job creation/market share over time, indicating stability and scalability.

•A strong sense of ambition and a clear vision for the future, showing how the business plans to continue its growth trajectory.

•Well-defined business goals with a robust strategy for achieving them, reflecting a strategic approach to growth and development.

•A capacity to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions, showing how the business stays relevant and competitive.

2023 Winner:

Gourock Golf Club

2022 Winner:

On-Site Scanning

Community Benefits

This award will look to shine a light on the businesses that constantly strive to support the local community as well as providing opportunities to local residents.

Who should enter?

Open to all organisations registered and operating in the Inverclyde area.

What are the judges looking for?

•Businesses that contribute to the local community, demonstrating involvement in community events, supporting local initiatives, or collaborating with community groups.

•Organisations involved in the growth and development of people, both within the organisation and externally.

•Provision of employment opportunities for local residents, thereby reducing unemployment and strengthening the local economy.

•Active support for charitable causes, local non-profits, or social initiatives, whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or raising awareness for important issues.

2023 Winner:

Inverclyde Carer's Centre

2022 Winner:

RIG Arts


This category recognises excellence in companies of any size that has created business opportunities through its sustainability measures, as well as supporting the environment.

Who should enter?

Any Inverclyde based business that manufactures at any scale and within any sector.

What are the judges looking for?

•Organisations who can demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.

•Leadership in projects that may for example include savings in CO2 emissions or working towards net zero targets, improved recycling, circular economy, reduced use of hydro carbons, sourcing alternative energy supplies etc.

•Organisations who make a conscious effort to reduce waste, conserve water & promote recycling.

2023 Winner:

Inverclyde Shed.

2022 Winner:

Storm In A Teacup

Business Resilience

This award is intended for those organisations that have shown a defiance and resilience in spite of the most challenging trading conditions in many generations. It may be a charity responding to the needs of local people, a business response to the community need or the retention of staff throughout recent difficult periods.

Who should enter?

Open to any organisations registered and operating within Inverclyde that have demonstrated an ability to withstand today’s challenging economic climate.

What are the judges looking for?

•Businesses who have successfully adapted to meet the challenges of today’s economic climate to both thrive and grow.

•Businesses who have been able to withstand economic downturns.

•Proven examples of how the organisation has bounced back quickly from disruptions, whether from economic crises, supply chain issues, or unexpected events.

•Businesses with the ability to foresee potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

2023 Winner:

Nicolson McShane Architects

2022 Winner:

The Wee Crafty Owl

Skills Development - Sponsored by James Walker Devol

This award is intended for organisations that are dedicated to the development of employees/young individual’s/others skills, creating opportunities and a solid framework to support the learning environment.

Who should enter?

Any organisation registered in the Inverclyde area that can showcase their commitment to fostering talent, improving workforce capabilities, and driving positive social and economic outcomes through skills development.

What are the judges looking for?

•Success in equipping employees/young individuals/other with practical and relevant skills.

•Active engagement of individuals in learning process, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

•Provision of mentorship/training & support services to facilitate skills development and personal growth.•Tangible outcomes such as improves employability, career advancement or entrepreneurial success.

2023 Winner:

Inver-Heat Ltd

2022 Winner:

Diodes Incorporated

Rising Star

This award honours exceptional Inverclyde talent, celebrating the achievements of an individual under 25 who has excelled in their field and made a significant impact on their company's growth and development over the past year.

Who should enter?

Open to inspiring young people (under the age of 25), whether they be an employee, trainee, graduate or apprentice, within any sector or business. Also open to young business owners and entrepreneurs.

What are the judges looking for?

•Individuals with innovative ideas and the ability to bring them to life, whether through their own ventures or within a business setting.

•Individuals who have played a significant role in driving growth and success within a business environment.

•Individuals who demonstrate leadership qualities and make a positive impact on their teams or workplaces.

Application Forms

This is the heading


To submit your entry please complete the application form and email your application to before midnight on 31st May 2024. All entries must be submitted by the designated deadline and entries received after this time cannot be considered.

By submitting your application form, you are confirming that you are the person submitting this entry, and that, to the best of your knowledge, the information provided in this form is true and complete. By submitting this form, you also agree that information from this application can be used for publicity purposes and can be accessed by our Board and sponsors (unless non-publicly available details have been specifically and clearly marked).

  • Each category has different requirements for consideration and entrants should use the Category Descriptor documents to shape their application and statement. Copies of these are available on the Inverclyde Chamber website or you can email for more details.
  • Please complete all fields on the form before returning.
  • Applicants can apply for up to 3 different categories; however, each entry must be submitted on a separate application form.
  • Membership of the Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce is not a prerequisite for entry to ICON Business Awards and all categories are open to any Inverclyde Business.
  • A sponsor may not enter an award in the category that they are sponsoring.

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