Additional Funding For Businesses Affected By Temporary Restrictions

Hospitality Restrictions Extended For Another Week
ICC Responds To The Expansion Of UK Government Coronavirus Business Support

Additional Funding For Businesses Affected By Temporary Restrictions

More funding will be made available for businesses affected by the extension of temporary restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The First Minister announced that the current temporary restrictions will remain in place until 2 November. As a result, funding for business grants over this period will be increased proportionately.

The COVID-19 Restrictions Fund will now provide one-off grants of up to £4,310 to businesses required to close by regulations.

For businesses that may remain open but are directly impacted by the restrictions, the maximum hardship fund grant will increase to £2,155.

Additionally, grants of £1,650 will help those firms that are required to close to help meet the 20% employer’s contribution that they are required to pay under the current UK Government furlough scheme.

These one-off grants are for the period until 2 November only and will be replaced by a new system of business support to complement the “levels” approach due to being debated in Parliament next week.

Information for businesses is available at Find Business Support via the below link.

All grants will be administered by Inverclyde Council – click here.

The increase will be automatic and businesses that have already applied for a grant will not have to re-apply.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 3 November at 5pm.

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