Calorie Counts On Menus Being Considered For Scotland

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Calorie Counts On Menus Being Considered For Scotland

Restaurants, cafes and takeaways in Scotland could be required to display how many calories are in the meals on their menus.

Public consultation on the idea of mandatory calorie counts on menus has been launched by the Scottish government.

The proposal is part of moves to tackle obesity by helping people to make healthier choices.

New rules on displaying calorie data came into force in England on Tuesday.

Eateries south of the border with more than 250 staff must now print how many calories are in meals on their menus, websites, and on delivery platforms.

The 12-week Scottish government consultation seeks views on the types of food and drink that would be covered by any changes and the types of businesses that would take part in the initiative.

Public Health Minister Maree Todd said the consultation would inform whether a new law is introduced to make it a legal requirement for calories to be included on menus.

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