Coronavirus Asymptomatic Workplace Testing In Scotland

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Coronavirus Asymptomatic Workplace Testing In Scotland

All businesses and organisations in Scotland with 10 or more staff can now sign up for free asymptomatic workplace testing for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Scottish Government has extended this offer to private, public and third-sector organisations to help identify cases earlier and prevent wider outbreaks.

Eligible organisations can choose from 2 models of testing, depending on their needs. LFD Collect allows organisations to distribute test kits to their staff to carry out self-testing at home. There is also an option to conduct testing within the workplace using the asymptomatic test site (ATS) model.

Eligible organisations will also be given access to an online portal containing everything they need to plan and deliver an effective workplace testing programme, including promotional materials. Ongoing support and oversight will be provided by NHS National Services Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Organisations that are already participating in a Scottish Government targeted workplace testing programme should contact their pathway lead for further information if they wish to expand this (for example, to other workplaces or staff groups).

Organisations with fewer than 10 staff can encourage employees to test themselves regularly at home. Members of the public can collect LFD test kits from a local pharmacy or COVID-19 test site, or order online for home delivery here.

An initial expression of interest can now be made here to the NHS National Services Scotland testing mailbox. You will be asked to complete a form with key information and contact details to determine eligibility.

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