Cyber Resilience Advice And Guidance For Scottish Organisations

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Cyber Resilience Advice And Guidance For Scottish Organisations

Use the CyberScotland website to find information and support on a range of cyber security and resilience issues.

The CyberScotland Partnership is a collaboration between key organisations that would like to improve cyber resilience across Scotland. This site directs you to a variety of tools and guidance provided by these partners to help you improve your organisation’s cyber resilience.

It’s a great starting point for organisations to get to grips with cyber security basics. It provides ideas and simple steps that are easy to implement and most are either free or low-cost. These steps can significantly reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Each partner has contributed guides, tools and other resources in their area of expertise. You can find information and advice on topics such as:

  • what is cyber security?
  • cyber security basics for different sectors and types of business
  • understanding and managing different types of cyber risks
  • training, certification and communication
  • how to create a cyber incident response plan, with a downloadable Cyber Incident Response Pack
  • how to respond to and report an incident
  • where to get help if your business is a victim of cyber crime
  • the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)
  • learning resources for businesses and community members
  • careers in cyber security
  • qualifications and professional development
  • cyber security events

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