Fund To Support Food & Drink Producers And Suppliers

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Fund To Support Food & Drink Producers And Suppliers

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Applications are open for a fund to support Scottish food and drink suppliers and producers to invest in future growth.

The annual Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme (FPMC) aim to enable investment across a range of projects including buildings and equipment, feasibility studies, co-operative ventures and the improvement of supply-chain efficiency.

A total of £7.3 million is available in this financial year to support initiatives that will safeguard jobs and increase sector efficiency.

Applicants to the scheme will be asked to demonstrate the benefits their project will provide to the local economy. This includes shortening supply chains, increased of use of local produce and markets and benefits to the wider local economy.

Businesses will also be asked to demonstrate their commitment to the principles of fair work and outline the ways their proposed projects will contribute to net zero.

The deadline for applications to be received is midnight on 12 September 2021.

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