Inverclyde Chamber Launches New Calendar Of Networking Events

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Inverclyde Chamber Launches New Calendar Of Networking Events

Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce has launched a brand new calendar of networking events as it looks to bolster its footprint in the business scene.

The Chamber’s ‘Coffee Break’ at the Bluebird Cafe was the first of its new monthly events, designed to give members the chance to connect with other organisations.

The events build on the group’s existing ‘Chamber Chat’ online networking sessions, created during Covid-19 to enable businesses to continue to meet and support one another.

In addition to coffee break, the group have organised a breakfast club and a ‘wine-down’ evening meeting which will give members the opportunity to meet other local business figures in a laid-back setting.

The Chamber’s recently-appointed membership engagement manager Shari Workman says she hopes the new sessions will offer something suitable for everyone.

Shari said: “We are excited to kick off our new in-person networking events.

“We’ve tried to make sure they are on at a variety of times in a range of settings.

“For example, coffee break is more of a lunch-time networking event from noon until one in the afternoon whereas wine-down is an evening session between five and six o’clock at night.

“Each of these events provides excellent networking opportunities and a chance to meet with other Inverclyde businesses.

“You can sign up on the chamber website and each event is free to attend, with a choice to purchase your own refreshments and food at the events.”

The first breakfast club will be held on Wednesday at The Cottage Cafe Bistro in Greenock, and it will run on the third Wednesday of every month after that.

Wine-down, which will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month, will have its first session at the Tontine Hotel in Greenock on February 24.

Chamber Chat will continue on the first Thursday of every month, while coffee break will be on the second Tuesday.

Venues for the sessions will vary from month to month and those who are interested in participating are advised to check the chamber’s EventBrite page for full details.

The events are part of a busy planned calendar of events as the group aims to reach out more over the coming 12 months.

Shari said: “The chamber will also be hosting many other exciting events and education opportunities throughout the year.”

Inverclyde Chamber Events

This article and image appreared in the Greenock Telegraph.

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