Inverclyde Chamber Of Commerce Thanks Its Past Presidents

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Inverclyde Chamber Of Commerce Thanks Its Past Presidents

There are many events, and family occasions, that have been postponed or cancelled during the COVID pandemic. For Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce this has included the opportunity to thank the past Presidents of the Chamber that stepped down either before or during the pandemic.

Past Presidents, Linda Scott and Gavin McDonagh, met with the current President, Mark Spragg, at the Chartroom at Inverkip Marina so that Mark could present them with their past president medals and certificates.

Reflecting on the meeting. Mark (above middle) said: “It was good to finally be able to get together with Linda and Gavin and to properly thank them for the work and input that they put into supporting the Chamber and its members during their time in the Presidents role.

“Inverclyde Chamber Presidents serve for two years, committing large amounts of time voluntarily in supporting and developing business in Inverclyde, and in running the Chamber.

“I know I speak for all of our members in thanking them both for their involvement, commitment and hard work.”

Linda Scott, Senior Director of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, said: “It was an absolute pleasure being part of, and leading Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce.

Inverclyde is an exceptional place to do business with highly accomplished businesses that I had the pleasure to connect and deal with.

The annual business awards were certainly a highlight and something the Chamber team and Inverclyde business can be really proud of – a real showcase for the incredible work of our business community.”

Gavin McDonagh, Managing Director of Holt Leisure Group (above right), said: “I was certainly President through interesting times as much of my presidency was during COVID, which created real challenges both for the Chamber and our members.

“I am however particularly proud of the way in which the Chamber stepped in to support local businesses with information and virtual connections throughout the pandemic.”

Mark added: “Given the challenges we are extremely grateful to Gavin for extending his tenure as President for a further year to provide consistency and focus to the Chambers response during the first year of the pandemic”.

Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce is committed to its strategy of helping to grow the local economy, create employment, and increase productivity through inclusive growth supporting the local community and businesses.

If you are interested in joining the Chamber or volunteering to help develop business in Inverclyde, please contact ICC Membership Executive, Shari Workman.

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