Inverclyde Council Election Results

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Inverclyde Council Election Results

Labour and the SNP have emerged as the big winners in the Inverclyde Council election.

Labour has nine of the 22 councillors, followed by SNP on eight. There are three independent councillors and two Conservatives.

Outgoing Provost Martin Brennan’s daughter Francesca was elected to Inverclyde North. Jim MacLeod, who had been a councillor for 15 years, was not re-elected.

Also unsuccessful were Alba candidates, father and son Jim and Chris McEleny. Martin McCluskey became the first Labour councillor for Gourock in a decade.

[Scroll down for a full list of candidates and vote totals]

Result: Ward 1 – Inverclyde East (Uncontested)

  • Christopher Curley (Scottish National Party)
  • Stephen McCabe (Scottish Labour)
  • David Wilson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Result: Ward 2 – Inverclyde East:

  • Kirsty Law (Scottish National Party)
  • Drew McKenzie (Independent)
  • Robert Moran (Scottish Labour)

Result: Ward 3 – Inverclyde Central:

  • Pam Armstrong (Scottish National Party)
  • Colin Jackson (Scottish Labour)
  • Michael McCormick (Scottish Labour)

Result. Ward 4 – Inverclyde North:

  • Francesca Brennan (Scottish Labour)
  • Graeme Brooks (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Jim Clocherty (Scottish Labour)
  • Elizabeth Robertson (Scottish National Party)

Result. Ward 5 – Inverclyde West:

  • Martin McCluskey (Scottish Labour)
  • Lynne Quinn (Independent)
  • Sandra Reynolds (Scottish National Party)

Result. Ward 6 – Inverclyde South West:

  • Paul Cassidy (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • James Daisley (Scottish National Party)
  • Innes Nelson (Scottish National Party)

Result. Ward 7 – Inverclyde South:

  • John Crowther (Scottish National Party SNP)
  • Natasha McGuire (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Tommy McVey (Independent)

This article and image appeared in Inverclyde Now.

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