Inverclyde Council: Key Positions Appointed Including Provost And Leader Of Council

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Inverclyde Council: Key Positions Appointed Including Provost And Leader Of Council

Councillors have agreed on who will chair its committees following the first meeting of the newly-elected Inverclyde Council.

Councillor Drew McKenzie, who is an independent, was confirmed as provost. It’s the first time Inverclyde’s provost has not been a Labour or Liberal councillor. Councillor Graeme Brooks will be deputy provost.

Councillor Stephen McCabe is the leader of the council again after Labour was able to form a minority administration. Councillor Natasha McGuire is the deputy leader.

The leader of the largest non-administration group is Councillor Elizabeth Robertson of the SNP.

After the first full Council meeting since the Local Government Elections a range of appointments have been made to council committees and outside bodies including:

Provost and Depute Provost
– Provost Drew McKenzie
– Depute Provost Graeme Brooks

Leader of the Council
– Councillor Stephen McCabe
– Depute Leader Natasha McGuire

Leader of the largest non-administration group
– Councillor Elizabeth Robertson

Policy & Resources Committee
– Convener – Councillor Stephen McCabe
– Vice-Convener – Councillor  Martin McCluskey

Environment & Regeneration Committee
– Convener – Councillor   Michael McCormick
– Vice-Convener (Environment) – Councillor Paul Cassidy
– Vice-Convener (Regeneration) – Councillor Jim Clocherty

Education & Communities Committee
– Convener – Councillor Jim Clocherty
– Vice-Convener (Education) – Councillor Francesca Brennan
– Vice-Convener (Communities) – Councillor Natasha McGuire

Health & Social Care Committee
– Convener – Councillor Colin Jackson
– Vice-Convener – Councillor Martin McCluskey

Audit Committee
– Convener – Councillor  Innes Nelson
– Vice-Convener – Councillor David Wilson

General Purposes Board
– Chair Councillor – Robert Moran
– Vice-Chair Councillor – Christopher Curley

Planning Board
– Chair – Councillor Tommy McVey
– Vice-Chair – Councillor Christopher Curley

Inverclyde Licensing Board
– Chair – Councillor Graeme Brooks
– Vice-Chair – Councillor Sandra Reynolds

The full list of appointments will be published in the minutes of the meeting held on 19 May 2022.

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