Member News: New Contract Win For Dales Marine Services

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Business Round-Up – 22 March 2021

Member News: New Contract Win For Dales Marine Services

Dales Marine Services has announced they have secured a new contract for the design and fabrication of a bespoke linkspan bridge for innovative Port Handling company JST Floating Piers Ltd, In collaboration with T12 Consultancy, engineering and technology specialists.  

JST has commissioned the new bridge as part of a floating pier which will be transported by sea to its final location in north-west Scotland.

The new floating pier will result in the modal shift of a large volume of logs from the road to a sea-based transport system taking timber trucks off a fragile road network.

The bridge will let JST efficiently transport the harvested timber from the shoreline out onto the floating pier before final loading into coastal ships.

Andrew Malcolm, Business Development Manager at Dales Marine Services, said:

“This is a fantastic order for the company. The new bridge is to be built in-house at both our Greenock and Aberdeen facilities. It will showcase the company’s outstanding fabrication skills.”

T12 Consultancy will provide the engineering design services for the new linkspan bridge.  Graham Melroy, Partner at T12 Consultancy, said:

“The success of securing this contract is a great example of T12’s engineering-on-demand services.   We will be working closely with Dales Marine Services on the design and project management of this new bridge.” 

Dales Marine has been delivering fabrication services since its establishment in 1996. The company’s experience and skilled technicians are ideally suited for the construction of the new linkspan bridge.

Dales Marine Services will execute the fabrication at its Greenock fabrication facilities.  The linkspan bridge will be 40 metres in length and weigh 120-tonnes.

Michael Milne, Director at Dales Marine Services said:

“We are delighted to be able to announce this new project for both the Dales Marine Services and T12 Consultancy – it is a landmark project for our business and one in which we are proud to be involved.

“Our experienced and skilled engineers and technicians will each play a vital role in the build process and one which I know the team is looking forward to starting shortly.”

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