SCC Comment On UK Government Proposals For New UK Immigration System

Business Round-Up – 17 February 2020
Business Round-Up – 24 February 2020

SCC Comment On UK Government Proposals For New UK Immigration System

UK Home Office

Commenting on the proposals for a new UK immigration system post-Brexit, announced by the UK Government today, Dr Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce said:

“Scottish companies are committed to investing and growing our talent but these proposals will require continuous review to address increasingly critical labour shortages. Current high employment is welcome but it means that companies need to secure talent which is both domestic and international.

“The expansion of the seasonal worker’s scheme is a clear recognition of the important economic contributions the agriculture sector makes to Scotland.

“However, the proposed salary threshold does not go far enough to support specific sectors in Scotland – the UK Government needs to set out how they will support these companies to recruit and grow.

“Businesses will be taking a close watching brief to determine whether this expansion will effectively service the whole of the United Kingdom.

“The proposals will present major challenges for key sectors, such as hospitality, care and tourism to be able to recruit and we urge the UK Government to ensure all workable options are in the mix including proposals from the Scottish Government and other partner agencies.

“The UK Government needs to continue the dialogue further with businesses to ensure immigration and skills policies work for business and the economy.’’

For more information, visit Scottish Chambers of Commerce.

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