Scottish Government Announces COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

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Scottish Government Announces COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

The Scottish Government has announced that people who have suffered the most as a result of the pandemic will be at the heart of Scotland’s Covid recovery strategy.

The new strategy, For a Fairer Future, sets out the next steps in Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic, recognising that while the pandemic has affected every area of life in Scotland, those who were already struggling have been hardest hit by its effects.

The strategy aims to address systemic inequalities made worse by covid, improve people’s wellbeing, and remobilise public services to be more focused on people’s needs, building on lessons learned during the pandemic.

Actions to achieve this will include upskilling and retraining opportunities for workers impacted by the pandemic and the transition to net-zero, help for low-income families most at risk of poverty, and locally-based mental health and wellbeing support for children and young people.

While the strategy is focused over the next 18 months, it includes a series of actions for the Scottish Government over the course of this Parliament to deliver substantial improvements in child poverty, make significant progress towards net zero, and secure an economic recovery that is ‘fair and green’.

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