Scottish Government ‘Green Ports’ Proposed

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Business Round-Up – 25 January 2021

Scottish Government ‘Green Ports’ Proposed

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Proposals have been unveiled by the Scottish Government for a new model of ‘green ports’, which aims to focus on inclusive growth, fair work practices and delivering a net-zero economy.

These would adapt the UK government’s freeport proposals, offering streamlined planning processes and a package of tax and customs reliefs, according to the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government’s green ports would make it necessary for operators and businesses benefitting from the package of incentives to:

  • Pay the real Living Wage
  • Adopt the Scottish Business Pledge
  • Commit to supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in local communities
  • Contribute to Scotland’s just transition to net-zero

The plans were announced by Trade Minister Ivan McKee who will hold discussions with the UK Government next week.

These proposals have followed on from the Scottish Government Consultation: Scotland’s Economic Performance: the contribution of place-based economic development zones

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s “green ports” proposals, Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Scottish business welcomes the Scottish Government’s plans to develop sustainable green ports to aid economic recovery. Whilst we await further detail from the Government, it seems they have listened to the key asks from business including the provision of investment incentives and a package of tax and customs reliefs. Now, we will want to engage with the Government on the design and delivery of green ports in Scotland.

“Businesses needs all the tools in our toolbox to enable us to grow and to compete with freeport models across the globe. Scotland’s green ports approach, which couples the incentives of a UK-freeport model and Scotland-specific initiatives, has the ambition to drive business growth and job creation. This is an important step to ensuring Scotland remains attractive and competitive to domestic and international investors.”

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