2019 - 2024

Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce Strategy

Welcome to the new Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce strategy, covering the 5-year period from 2019 to 2024, which is designed to ensure succession across the current senior Directors and wider Board.

Following a request for feedback from ICC members in early 2019, the Board with the help of Dr Liz Cameron of Scottish Chambers created a new strategic plan.

ICC is hoping this will show it has listened to its members' views and renews its commitment to provide an excellent standard of service, designed to continuously meet the needs of local businesses.

Inverclyde’s economic regeneration has been a long-term fix, which has proven to be a continuous and steady development of key sites across the area and ultimately attracting more businesses while maintaining and growing those already based in the area. The ICC Board feel there is confidence in the air currently about the Inverclyde economy, reflected by the number of businesses choosing to be in the area.

Inverclyde is also playing its role as part of the £1.1billion Glasgow City Deal – a ground-breaking partnership between the eight local authorities and the Scottish and UK governments – which further helps to fund large scale developments like the new visitor centre at Greenock Ocean Terminal.

This strategy outlines the ICC vision and objectives until 2024 as well as sharing the Action Plan for communities and businesses. We hope you will agree this demonstrates a shared commitment to growing the economy, creating jobs, increasing productivity and putting inclusive growth at the heart of everything ICC does.

This can only be achieved through a partnership with our members and as a result, would invite you to share your thoughts and feedback on the plans.

ICC's ambition for the Inverclyde business community is bold and we look forward to working with your business to deliver this in the months and years to come

You can read the ICC Strategy below.