UKGov – Travel Advice To China

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UKGov – Travel Advice To China

UKGOV - China - Travel Advice

Considering recent developments with the Coronavirus, ICC felt it would be useful to share with the Inverclyde business community the updated travel advice from the UK Foreign Office when it comes to travelling to and from China (as of Wednesday 12 February 2020).

A summary of information:

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Hubei Province due to the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

  • The FCO advise against all but essential travel to the rest of mainland China (not including Hong Kong and Macao).

  • The British Consulates-General in Wuhan and Chongqing are currently closed.

  • The Chinese government continues to impose further restrictions on movement within China in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Provinces exercising the most restrictions include Chongqing, Zhejiang, Anhui and Heilongjiang.

  • A large number of airlines, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, have announced a suspension of flights to and from mainland China.

  • Other commercial airlines are still operating, but it may become harder to access departure options over the coming weeks.

For any other country travel advice, please click here and search.

If your business has any specific questions or concerns, please contact Rachel Burns.

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