New Careers Review Documents Published

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New Careers Review Documents Published

After months of evidence gathering, insight sessions and stakeholder engagement, the Career Review has made ten recommendations, now accepted by the Scottish Government, to ensure Scotland’s career services support young people to thrive in the future.

Recognising the breadth of organisations and institutions that support young people’s career choices, a new suite of publications has been published, designed to help a wide range of stakeholders understand more about the Career Review and its implications.

The new  ‘Careers By Design: what the Career Review means’  series is available to download now from the Career Review website.

These documents provide a simple summary of the evidence captured during the review through the lens of different parts of the career ‘ecosystem’. They highlight what young people and stakeholders told us needs to change and what this change might mean.

There are six of these summaries in total:

Working in strong collaboration with partners across the ecosystem, the Career Review Programme Board are now starting to co-design the career services of the future.

As they continue the process of designing these services of the future, the programme board recognises that the best people to lead this change in our schools, colleges, universities and communities are the people who know them best.

In the weeks and months ahead the Career Review Programme Board is asking schools, colleges, universities, DYW and the third sector to design the career support that our young people expect and deserve, aligned with the recommendations of the review.

To find out more about this work or get involved in the next stages of the Career Review, schools, colleges, universities, employers or other stakeholders are welcome to express interest by emailing

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