Business Still Unable To Prepare Fully For A No Deal Brexit

New research from the Scottish & British Chambers of Commerce shows a concerningly high number of UK firms aren’t ready for a no deal Brexit. Businesses have consistently called on the government to avoid a messy and disorderly exit but in light of the political turmoil and relentless uncertainty, clearer and more consistent information are needed to help them prepare.

SCC Response To Brexit Negotiations

SCC has responded to the latest news regarding the ongoing negoatiations over the UK leaving the European Union.

SCC launch online hub to help businesses navigate Brexit

The ReadyForBrexit.Scot hub brings together all that the Scottish Chamber network has to offer to prepare for Brexit.

Consultation on European Structural Funds Replacement Vehicle

Scottish Government is conducting a consultation seeking views on how a replacement funding vehicle for the European Structural Funds could best meet the needs of citizens, […]