Tim Allan


Scottish Businesses Call On Government To Bring Confidence To The Market

The latest Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) Quarterly Economic Indicator (QEI) survey for Q4 of 2019 shows that businesses are in a period of stasis with global and domestic factors all contributing to subdued levels of confidence and investment.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce: Business Says No To National Lockdown

Following a meeting of Scottish Chambers of Commerce’s Business Advisory Group, where business experts reviewed the State of the Scottish Economy, Tim Allan, President of SCC, […]

Faltering Business Recovery Faces Winter Of Risk

The Scottish economy showed only weak signs of recovery where a return to trading was allowed as COVID-19 restrictions eased over the summer, according to the […]

Businesses Urge Scottish Government Not To Impose “Panic” Lockdown

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce has issued an urgent appeal to the Scottish Government over fears that the level of coronavirus restrictions is set to rise […]