You Asked We Delivered – November 2020

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You Asked We Delivered – November 2020

Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce is pleased to issue this publication showcasing the breadth of business representation we have undertaken and the results we have achieved as a Network on behalf of our collective business membership of 12,500 across Scotland.

We’ve been your voice through the Covid-19 pandemic and we continue to support and champion businesses in Inverclyde.

We continue to live through some of the most challenging economic times our business communities could ever face. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the Chambers network, its members and our businesses across Scotland have had to continue to evolve and adapt at a dramatic pace. Throughout this year, the main constant has been the ability of Inverclyde Chamber to be there to support and guide businesses and our local community.

Our role and influence have been hugely significant in our ability to share with the UK and Scottish Government your voice, and we will continue to represent Inverclyde businesses as we attempt to ensure steps towards an economic recovery for Scotland in 2021. 

The local knowledge you provide us enables the Scottish Chambers of Commerce network to put our business priorities at the forefront of the discussions. We will continue to grow and support one another during our moment of need, and while there is still some way to go, we will ensure we are able to come out of this together and better connected than ever before.

You Asked We Delivered – November 2020

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