DYW West Ask Employers to Make Pledge of Support

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Business Round-Up – 6 April 2020

DYW West Ask Employers to Make Pledge of Support

Developing the Young Workforce West Region (DYW West), are asking local employers to take their pledge to help to support the future young workforce.

Given the current situation we are all facing, DYW West appreciate the issues, concerns and confusion that young people are currently experiencing. Whilst this is a very challenging time for the Education sector and all employers, it won’t last forever.

That’s why DYW West are asking employers to make a pledge to help to support our future young workforce when things return to some normality. DYW are looking for employers to pledge their support to young people across our region when schools and colleges reopen. We all want young people to have the reassurance that they won’t miss out on opportunities due to this unprecedented situation we are all experiencing.

A spokesperson fro DYW West stated:


“Things will get back to normal and when they do, there will be opportunities for them across all sectors. We would like employers to put across a clear message to young people that they will be ready for them when they return.”


The #DYWPledge asks employers to:

  • Continue to share job opportunities for young people

  • Offer online support to young people via Skype, Teams or Zoom

  • Upload more DYW video content on our YouTube channel

  • Live stream DYW Content on our Facebook page

  • We’ve committed to another foundation apprentice work placement when the schools start back

  • Continue to engage with employers

To get involved, support the campaign and make your #DYWPledge today, you can do a couple of things:

  • Make the pledge on your Social Media channels using the templates provided here

  • Record and post a video on social media with hashtag #DYWPledge and tag DYW West, briefly talking about your pledge to young people – e.g. apprenticeships still open or been extended / expect to open later in the year / expect work placements to continue later in the year / access and use our online resources etc

  • Take a photo of you holding the attached template listing high-level details of your pledge(s).

Remember to tag DYW West in any of your posts.

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